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Universal Access is creating equal access to opportunity for all community members by reducing barriers. Our team is guided by both lived experience and Universal Design standards, and our Certified Accessible consultants will help you understand the unique relationship between spatial layout, social inclusion and the bottom line impacts to your business.

Barrier-free design delivers social and economic impacts

Age-friendly design

According to the Government of Alberta’s Aging Population Policy Framework, the number of seniors living in our province will increase by more than 50 per cent (1 in 5) over the next ten years. We can start building age-friendly communities by assessing our spaces and places for accessibility which includes easy wayfinding, functional washrooms and the ability for someone to access, exit, and pass independently through a building.

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Creating inclusive atmospheres

Inclusive workplace

Inclusivity, diversity and equality campaigns are contributing to the growing awareness that triple bottom line results are driven by a corporate social responsibility (CSR) platform that includes a barrier-free workplace. Persons with disabilities represent a qualified, hard-working, and loyal talent pool and building certified accessibility into your CSR platform sends the important message of inclusion that extends well beyond your four walls.

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The business case for accessibility

Barrier-free community

One in five Canadians identifies with having a disability including our CEO and Head Chair, Sean Crump who has been living as a person with quadriplegia since 2004. From conferences and events to coffee shops and commercial spaces in excess of 500,000 square feet we’ll help you understand and address the unique relationship between spatial layout, social inclusion and the impacts on your triple bottom line. We believe in design for all and hope you’ll join us in creating a barrier-free community.

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